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SKM automatic knives, switchblade knives from Maniago, Italy - Planet's premier automatic knives and switchblade knives online shop
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Our online store is temporary closed. You can still browse our selection.
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Welcome to SKM

Switchblade Knife Makers of Maniago, Italy, is the first online store dedicated to automatic knives to open. With its great selection of automatic switchblade knives including the famous Italian Stiletto, along with some non-automatic products and accessories, it's been a heaven for collectors since 1996. All knives sold by SKM are manufactured by companies and artisans located in Maniago, Italy. Being quality one of our primary concernes, all our products come from selected manufacturers: the world-famouse9" and 11" Italian Stiletto is a product of Armando Beltrame (AB) Coltellerie, while most lever locks are manufactured by Ottavio Massaro.

Browse our selection and enter the SKM world!

Italian Stiletto Lever Lock Front Opening Diving & Fishing
Italian Stiletto 7"
Italian Stiletto 8"
Italian Stiletto 9"
Italian Stiletto 11"
Italian Stiletto 15"
Italian Stiletto 17"¾
Classic 8"
Hunting Classic 8"
Lever Lock 8"
Lever Lock 9"½
Old Fashioned 7"
Old Fashioned 8"
Siegfried 8"
Aquatys Diving Knives 9"½
Mako Diving Knives 9"
Key Ring Pull Back
New Age
Sporting & Throwing
Key Ring Butterfly(drilled) 4"½
Key Ring Butterfly(knurled) 4"½
Key Ring Stiletto 2"¾
Key Ring Stiletto 4"
Pull Back 5"¾
Hurricane 8"
Mangusta 7"½
Piranha 8"¼
Storm 8"¼
Thunder 7"½
Typhoon 7"¾
Combat 12"¼
Combat 12"½
Non-auto Hunting 12"¼
Non-auto Italian Stiletto 9"
Non-auto Italian Stiletto 11"
Non-auto Italian Stiletto 13"
Outdoor 7"
Rescueing and Climbing 5"
Sporting 6"¾
Sporting 7"½
Sporting 8"½
Throwing 4"¾
Throwing 5"
Throwing 9"¼
Do-It-Yourself Italian Picklock Low-cost Switchblades
Oil stones, T-Shirts and Mugs
Do-it-yourself 4"
Do-it-yourself 9"
Italian Pick Lock 9"
Low-cost Stiletto 9"
Low-cost Stiletto 11"
Low-cost Stiletto 13"
Mug 0"
Oil Stones 0"
T-Shirts 0"
Other accessories

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