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Warning: we do not sell knives to people under 21 years of age!
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Help Desk

Welcome to SKM online help desk.Here you can find answers to many common questions. If you have questions which are not included on the FAQ list, please feel free to e-mail

  Web site related questions
How do I place an order?
Is it safe to buy online using my credit card?
  Questions about prices, shipping, laws, ...
What is your return/reship policy?
How much does shipping cost and how long will it take for a package to get to me?
Customs of my country don't allow switchblades import. Can you ship to me anyway?
Which are the United States of America laws on switchblades?
Have you got a discount policy?
  Knife related questions
How do I assemble the do-it-yourself kit?
How do I close a side opening knife?
The Secret of the Raptor Revealed! (How to Open it)
How does the front opening mechanism work?
Where can I learn how to use butterfly/balisong knives?
What's the difference between the various blade types?
Can I get more information on the stainless steels you use (ATS34, AISI420, ...)?
What is damascus steel?
  Knives maintainance
Should I keep my switchblade knife open or closed when I don't use it?
The blade of my Cobra has loosened up slightly with use. How do I tighten it?
The blade of my Stiletto has loosened up slightly with use. How do I tighten it?
My front opener's blade is blocked midway and the switch doesn't work anymore. What can I do?
Are there other Internet resources on knife maintainance?
How do I use an oil stone to polish my knife?
History of Maniago: The Cutlery Town
History of Maniago cutlery
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