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The blade of my Stiletto has loosened up slightly with use. How do I tighten it?

Please be careful when adjusting your Stiletto, we take no responsibility for the damages that this action may cause to the knife.
The blade pivots on a rivet that extends through the knife body. This may be tightened as follows:
  1. Support the rivet head of one side of the knife on something substantial like a shop vise.
  2. Gently tap the rivet head on the opposite side with a small hammer.
  3. Operate the knife's action to check results, and repeat the proceedure on the opposite side if necessary.
  4. Continue the proceedure until the desired results are achieved. Be sure to GENTLY tap the rivet heads, being certain that they are not over tightened.
  5. The locking pin on the blade may also be peened in this method to slightly enlarge it to better fit it's corresponding hole in the locking plate.
  6. Support the knife (closed position)by laying the locking plate flat on a hard surface with the locking pin pointing upwards.
  7. Gently strike the top of the locking pin with a small hammer, checking the knife's action afterwards.
  8. Continue this proceedure until the locking pin swells in diameter to better fit the hole in the locking plate. Be cautious to proceed slowly. If the locking pin becomes too large to fit the hole, excess may be removed with a small file.
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