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Warning: we do not sell knives to individuals under 21 years of age!
Non-auto Italian Stiletto 13"

The non automatic automatic Italian Stiletto with Zama blade

  Italian Stiletto
  Lever Lock
  Front Opening
  Italian Pick Lock
  Key Ring
  Pull Back
  New Age Autos
  Sporting & Throwing
Combat 12"¼
Combat 12"½
Non-auto Hunting 12"¼
Non-auto Italian Stiletto 9"
Non-auto Italian Stiletto 11"
Non-auto Italian Stiletto 13"
Outdoor 7"
Rescueing and Climbing 5"
Sporting 6"¾
Sporting 7"½
Sporting 8"½
Throwing 4"¾
Throwing 5"
Throwing 9"¼
  Low-cost Switchblades
  Oil stones, T-Shirts & Mugs
  Do It Yourself
  Diving & Fishing

Simulated Horn
starting at EUR 26.91
starting at US$ 29.58
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