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Warning: we do not sell knives to individuals under 21 years of age!
Rescueing and Climbing 5"

  Italian Stiletto
  Lever Lock
  Front Opening
  Italian Pick Lock
  Key Ring
  Pull Back
  New Age Autos
  Sporting & Throwing
Combat 12"¼
Combat 12"½
Non-auto Hunting 12"¼
Non-auto Italian Stiletto 9"
Non-auto Italian Stiletto 11"
Non-auto Italian Stiletto 13"
Outdoor 7"
Rescueing and Climbing 5"
Sporting 6"¾
Sporting 7"½
Sporting 8"½
Throwing 4"¾
Throwing 5"
Throwing 9"¼
  Low-cost Switchblades
  Oil stones, T-Shirts & Mugs
  Do It Yourself
  Diving & Fishing

Stainless Steel
starting at EUR 59.19
starting at US$ 64.88
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