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What is your return/reship policy?

Return policy: you can return the item without explanation within 14 days from the date of purchase (Italian law: art. 13, par. 2, and art. 14).
Cancellation policy: an order can ben cancelled within 24 hours from when you submitted it.

If your package gets seized by customs (this is a problem mainly for USA customers), we can reship it, providing you send us the confiscation notice you received. You can send the confiscation notice either by:
  • FAX: +39 0427 701793
  • Regular mail: SKM of Maniago, Italy - Via Colle, 103 - 30085 Maniago PN - Italy
  • E-mail: - You can attach a scan of the seizure notice in a common image format (JPEG or GIF are recommended because files are smaller, but also others will do)

Please note that if the package is seized a second time, we won't reship it again. In any case we won't refund money or credit back your credit card in case of seizure.

You should also be aware that US customs will only seize the package and send you a seizure letter. You won't be arrested or such.
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